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Expertise that Serves You Clarity & Confidence

Cut to the Chase:

Bachelor's Accounting

   -Sterling College 1994

Master of Business

   -Wichita State 2000

Business Experience:

Accounting, Finance,

Business Development,

Marketing, and Sales

Real Estate Experience:

 20 Years Managing:      Purchasing, Selling &   Renovating Residential  Real Estate

6 Years Real Estate Agent:

Licensed Since 2017

Top Producing Rookie Agent:

     (Abode Real Estate 2017)

Top Listing Agent:

     (Abode Real Estate 2019)

National Association of  Realtors Member Since 2017

Owning Broker 2023

The Story:

Do you have good vision?  Not in the literal sense (like with eyeglasses), but in the sense of perspective.  When making big decisions, it's always good to have an expert at your side.  But not just an expert with "know how", rather an expert that also brings the experience of having been in your shoes before, an expert with real life experience, An expert you can trust, and who helps you see with the clarity of 20/20 vision, giving you confidence in your decision.

Our 1st Home

I graduated from Sterling College with an Accounting degree in 1994, and a master's degree in Business from Wichita State in 2000 which led to a business career focused in the areas of financial analysis, sales and business development.  But what I always loved most in all these roles, was working with people.  While at Sterling, I also met my wife Brenda.  We married in 1998 and later that year we purchased our first home.  Since then we have been blessed with 4 kids (Chloe, Aubrey, Isaac, and Phoebe) and our changing family resulted in moving to our second and eventually our third home. 

One of our early real estate investments:
before & after restoring the kitchen after a fire

In 2002, we leased out our first home.  The experience went well and so in 2003 I began buying, renting, flipping, and managing residential real estate.  Now I won't pick on my profession too much, but I encountered countless real estate agents in that time, and I encountered them as the client.  The best real estate agents were never selling to me, they were always serving me with their trust and expertise.  

No matter if you are buying or selling, as a licensed broker and realtor my goal is to use my expertise and experience to serve you with trust, expertise, and value so that your experience is filled with clarity and confidence throughout the entire process! 

Trust:  I am looking out for you!  Your desires and concerns are my priority.  Expertise:  From decades of real life experiences including being that excited but nervous first time home buyer, being the more seasoned homeowner selling because of life changes, and being the investor looking for financial opportunity.  Value:  By giving customized practical support at a level uncommon in the profession to both save you money and make the experience easier.

Call me!  I’d be pleased to talk with you about how “Realtor Expertise with Added Value” might serve you with clear vision 

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